Keyword Supremacy changes keyword research

Keyword Research Just Changed

Our Keyword Supremacy Review will help introduce you to the next generation of keyword research tools.  Keyword Supremacy is keyword tool developed by Todd Spears – one of well-known marketers, especially SEO and Traffic. This tool helps you a lot in finding keyword for your business and it has a lot more powerful features than Longtail keyword Pro.

Keyword Supremacy does a few things no other keyword tool does including:

  • Local Keyword Research
  • Search Suggest with Before, After, Middle and Locked ability
  • Credit Based searching, which saves users money but increases conversions.

Keyword Supremacy


Creator of Keyword Supremacy

The man behind this product is Todd Spears. Todd is the famous internet marketers in the online marketing world. He and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years. Todd is the man behind great products such as  Project Supremacy, Spider Spanker Classic, Content Amigo and many more successful digital product launches.


keyword supremacy review

Keyword Supremacy

– Local Keyword Research (no other tool has this, thiis is HUGE for Local SEO lists)

We are the only keyword tool on the market that does local keyword research.

Want to look up every keyword for all cities in California with a population of 100k to 500k for “hvac” or “emergency plumber”?

We do that at the click of a button. We can provide local research for every State/Provice and City in Canada and the USA. UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand coming soon!
– Affiliate Keyword Research. We can hit the hardest affiliate markets and still find a ton of great keywords.

We have a unique way of finding fresh keywords for literally any affiliate or CPA niche. Even the tough ones like ‘weight loss’ become a breeze when you use our 4 Attack approach to keyword scraping. We scrape beginning, middle, end and beside of any niche!
– eCom Product Keyword Research

We can easily find the most search products on the best eCom engines like, Alibaba, eBay & Amazon. Everyone is selling ‘flashlights’ in eCom…but did you know ‘survival flashlights’ & “bike flashlights” are just as killer? We can show you every niche within any market with all the competition making it easier than ever to find the newest eCom products.
– All the metrics including CPC, Monthly Volume, Top 10 Analysis, Domain Availabilty etc.
– We scrape search suggest in 4 new ways that you may have not seen before including beginning, middle, end and beside.


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